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About Me - F2U by LittleKitCalledSkit

Hello and welcome to my profile. You can call me Raven or Rave. I am a normal highschooler who has a knack for dark/offensive humor, comedy, horror, and art. I may sound like a scary emo, but trust me, I'm not :D

Things about me: I love video games, cats, YouTube, art, I'm agnostic, I'm asexual, and I LOVE candy~

I'm not easily offended and I have a great sense of humor, plus I am quite outgoing. Not to pat myself on the back though. Thanks for enjoying my dumbass art ;P


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Friends - FTU by LittleKitCalledSkit

Inspirations - F2U by LittleKitCalledSkit

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:rose: Nothing really important! Just read if you are interested in my opinions and thoughts c: :rose:

Recently, Mark posted this on his Facebook: (Please take the time to read it. This journal won't make any sense if you don't)

This situation is none of my business, but I just wanted to get some thoughts out.
All love towards Mark. (and Matt and Ryan of course) 

But anyway, assuming you've read all of Mark's Facebook post, you already know that there was some beef between Matt, Ryan, and Mark. Over the course of almost 9 full months, Mark, Matt, and Ryan were all living together after Daniel Kyre passed away (Rest in peace :heart:). Although, about 5 months ago (in June of 2016), Matt and Ryan moved out of Mark's home. Initially, I didn't think anything of this, because it was normal to move out. But, now that I think about makes no sense. There was no reason for them to move out. They were doing just fine making videos together and living in the same home. At least, that's what we all thought. Turns out, Mark was being wrongfully bossy and rude towards Matt and Ryan. So, I'm sure that's when they decided to move away to an apartment and work with the Game Grumps. Mark got with his (wonderful) girlfriend, Amy, a month before (in May), sooo... I thought that she moved in with Mark, not leaving enough living space for Matt and Ryan. So that's why I thought they moved, but nope. Amy doesn't even live with Mark. Now, we all know that Matt and Ryan left because Mark was being a bad friend.

Was Mark wrong to treat Matt and Ryan the way he did? Of course. But, I can understand why he acted that way. It's been made obvious that Mark is a try-hard, and he does everything he can do to as hard and as best as he can. He even tries to go over his own limit sometimes. Being a try-hard isn't bad, but when you start emotionally harming your friends, it becomes so wrong.

Now, I'm just stating the obvious. This post isn't meant to make Mark feel even worse than he already probably does.

I understand why he acted that way.

I could imagine that the pressure just got to Mark. His fear of failing...just got to him, and he ended up taking it out on two of his good friends. I could also imagine...that a lot of this stemmed from Daniel's passing.

In Mark's video titled: "Lost a Friend", he talked about how much of an inspiration Daniel was. He said that Daniel was the one guy out of the four of them (Mark, Matt, Ryan, and Daniel) who REALLY paid attention to detail when editing and making videos. Mark said that Daniel would always add things to make the videos even greater. When Daniel sadly passed away in September of 2015, a huge load of responsibility was suddenly dropped on Matt, Ryan, and Mark. How were they supposed to live up to who Daniel was? He was an amazing editor, and he truly knew how to make their videos hilarious and full of details.

Mark said he knew he needed to work even harder now that Daniel was gone. And I'm sure...the pressure just...eventually got to him. To the point where he bossed his friends around.

Again, it was wrong for Mark to do that, but it's understandable why he acted the way he did. Mark isn't a bad person. He's a genuinely a great guy who honestly wants the best for his loved ones. Everyone makes mistakes, and he apologized to Matt and Ryan, hoping that they could be friends again.

Mark said that one day, he just realized how he acted, and he broke down.

I guess what I'm trying to say is.....please, PLEASE don't give Mark shit for this. He messed up, yeah. We all do. Don't make him feel even worse. Don't bother Matt and Ryan about this either. If they don't feel comfortable with being friends with Mark anymore, then that's their choice. It would be extremely rude and disrespectful if you tried to persuade them to forgive Mark. Even though I hope that they DO forgive Mark and become friends with him again, it's still wrong to mention this around them, and it's especially rude to try to make them friends again, even if your intentions are 100% good. It's none of your business.

Please, this is their privacy. Don't bother them about it, and just let them handle it.

Give them all the love and support! Just don't be controlling or disrespectful.

Thank you for reading.
I hope things go back to normal with Mark, Matt, and Ryan's friendship.

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